Halftone Effects

Adobe After Effects Template

The Halftone Effects template for After Effects converts your footage or photos into a retro halftone-print animation.

Watch the Demo Video for Halftone Effects.

In the early days of printing, the "Halftone" printing process produced images through the use of large dots and patterns. With the Halftone Effects template for After Effects, you can imitate that look for your video, and customize it with easy-to-use slider controls. It’s great for imitating the look of an old newspaper or comic book, or for giving footage an artistic or retro flare! Included are three unique, custom halftone looks:

  • CMYK - Image is made up of a grid of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black dots
  • Dots - Images is made of a grid of uniform colored dots of varying size
  • Patterns - Image is made from a combination of solid black, solid white, dots, and stripes

Also includes are 22 animated paper textures to use as your background, and an optional Stop Motion Effect to give the look of a crude stop motion animation.

The effects are completely customizable using convenient slider controls. You can adjust the size, shape, and spacing of dots, as well as add an outline, change the detail level, add a comic book-style border, add color from your footage, and more.

This template is compatible with CS5 and up. No plugins required. Music and footage placeholders in preview video are not included.

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