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Adobe After Effects Template

Create realistic lens flares and light effects for your footage, motion graphics, and images.

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Creation Lens Flares is an Adobe After Effects template which takes a revolutionary approach to the creation of realistic, high-definition lens flares and light effects, which can be composited onto your footage, animations, motion graphics, photos, and graphic designs. The effects are all done entirely within After Effects, without using a single plugin. Included in the template are 50 pre-designed lens flares. Or, create your own unique designs by copying and pasting lens flare "elements" into your comp. You have a tremendous amount of control over how each element looks and moves using the easy-to-use slider controls on each layer. "Global" slider controls are available as well, so you can animate characteristics of your lens flare as a whole. See below for a complete list of features.

Lens flares are everywhere today, from web graphics to big budget sci-fi films. Here are some of the ways the lens flares from this template can be used:

  • Add lights to footage, or make existing lights appear brighter
  • As a design element for motion graphics
  • Add a sense of realism to animations
  • Export as still images for use in photos and graphic designs
  • Highlight text, logos, and products
  • Create stylistic transitions for editing
  • Give footage that raw filmic look using the included light leaks
  • Get that blockbuster movie feel with anamorphic streaks

The Creation Lens Flares template comes with a host of features such as:

  • 50 pre-made lens flares that are fully customizable and ready for compositing
  • 18 customizable elements that you can copy and paste into your lens flare comp
  • Light leaks
  • Lens textures
  • The ability to create automatic anamorphic streaks on the brightest parts of your footage
  • An expressions library for adding motion-triggered programability into every characteristic of the lens flare
  • An effects library to create a variety of different looks for your lens flare elements
  • An easy setup for motion tracking your lens flare so it follows the motion in your footage
  • Access to 80 minutes of high-def video tutorials so you can get the most out of all the features

Creation Lens Flares is compatible with version CS3 and later. No plug-ins required (except for the CC plugins included with CS3 and later versions).

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